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Dinner Plate

Dimensions: 10 x 1 inch
Weight: 1 lb 11 oz

There’s plenty to love about our straight sided entree plate but don’t stop with just dinner, this plate is also perfect for morning omelettes or a juicy afternoon grilling. Don’t forget the sauce or the sides, this plate can fit it all.


Dishwasher and microwave safe

100% lead free and made by hand in our studio in Ventura, CA. 

The raw clay finish on the back side gives a bit of raw character while also adding slip resistance when washing, not exactly high tech, but it helps get the job done.

All works are made by hand and any slight variations in surface finish and glaze applications are meant to be enjoyed. 


A clean white glazed surface on the serving side with warm, rich speckled stoneware clay body on the backside. The glazed serving surface also has specks of iron that show through the glaze.